Completely removed both dents. I was amazed.

By Nathan Pizzo On Friday, March 27 th, 2015 · no Comments · In

5_Star Rating

First experience:

I had a lousy and careless neighbor one day decide to open her door and dent my driver’s door. I was so bummed out. My car is a deep blue and that dent stuck out so bad I did not even want to drive it. I searched around for a dent repair guy and came across your restoration company. Let me tell you, this pdr guy is a real professional at this. He is very honest and his customer service is a high 10 in my book. He pulled that dent out. and it looked as though it never happened. I’m back on the road again. : )

Second experience:

The bumpers on my Honda CRV had some scratches, and the headlights were foggy, and not clear anymore. He took care of both of those problems and now it looks like new again! I was amazed. He is professional and cares about his customers. There are not to many people out there like him, Period. Highly recommended!

Thank you!

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